Kootenay Community Council helps Creston Valley be inclusive and diverse

Web Lead

A welcoming and inclusive community is about belonging and participating with your neighbours, community groups, families and friends. I am proud to call Creston home, and I believe that we have strong leadership in our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality.

But we can always do more, be better and share more responsibility for respecting and promoting diversity and community inclusion.

One way to achieve this is by joining the Kootenay Community Council. The community council is a way to meet persons with diverse abilities, share your contacts and interests, see your community benefit and witness personal growth. In Creston, we already have many community partnerships where persons with diverse abilities assist local businesses and participate in a number of community activities. We can continue this positive trend and share this information with other areas. Community councils are a real, local and direct venue for persons with developmental disabilities, their families and support persons to participate in and have a say in activities in their community.

As a board member of our local Cresteramics program, I had the opportunity to learn about the local community council and wanted to become a member. I joined the council because I can see so many places where persons with diverse abilities can make real contributions. The council gives me a chance to hear directly from persons with diverse abilities — what they want to do, how they can contribute and what support they need to be valuable members of their communities.

Our Kootenay Community Council includes self-advocates, friends, service providers and other community partners. We volunteer our time because we are passionate and dedicated to using our expertise and experience to create more inclusive communities, to break down the barriers associated with disability.

Community councils operate in each of Community Living BC’s (CLBC) Community Living Centre areas, ensuring that self-advocates, families, community members and service providers play a major role in achieving CLBC’s vision of fostering good lives in welcoming communities. CLBC is the provincial Crown agency that provides funding and supports to adults with developmental disabilities.

I truly enjoy being part of the council and I am happy to share some of my experiences with you. Please consider sharing your time and skills with such a valuable group.

For more, contact Terry Nowak at tnlwalkabout@hotmail.com.