Members of the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club.

Members of the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club.

Kokanee snowmobile club has benefits for Creston Valley sledders

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Whether you are a hardcore snowmobiler who spends time in the backcountry hitting huge jumps and trying to climb the unclimbable, a trail rider who likes to get out and just enjoy the scenery, or somewhere in between, the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club (KCSC) would love to have you as a member! Which begs the question: What do you get out of a membership with the KCSC?

The first and most important thing is that it keeps our riding areas open. The KCSC is a member of the Association of British Columbia Snowmobile Clubs (ABCSC), which is constantly working to keep crown land accessible for snowmobiles. One of the things the ABCSC does is works closely with all levels of government to accurately assess the impact that snowmobiles have on the wildlife and the terrain. By having a representative for the snowmobiling community being involved in the decision making processes when it concerns the future of our riding areas, we can rest assured that our needs are being considered when decisions are made. The more members we have in our club, the louder our voice is.

Being a member of the KCSC also allows you access to our Blazed Creek riding area. The KCSC has an agreement in place with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, as well as Wynndel Box and Lumber, to allow club members access through this property to key riding areas. This area is closed to all off-road vehicles, but because a strong relationship and a history of responsible use have been established between the KCSC and the NCC, club members are allowed corridor access.

Our club also works closely with the British Columbia Recreation Sites and Trails Branch (BCRSTB) to keep our riding areas accessible. Over the years, we have developed an excellent relationship with a number of key members of the BCRSTB. They have been a huge help to the club by providing bridges and materials for key river and creek crossings, providing signage for riding areas, and assisting the club with any other local access issue. Club members also participate in work bees over the summer months to clear brush in order to physically keep trails open.

Another responsibility of the KCSC is co-ordinating snowplowing of our parking areas. Without adequate parking, it would be pretty hard for any of us to go up and enjoy our amazing backcountry. Whether it is through the gracious co-operation of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure or through the volunteer efforts of local club members/business owners, the KCSC always ensures that there is adequate parking at our unloading areas.

There are many other things the KCSC does for the local snowmobiling community. We plan a number of fun events throughout the season including our swap meet, poker run, hotdog dash, and year end banquet. The monthly club meetings are also a great opportunity to get out and socialize with fellow sledders.

So by now you are probably asking yourself, “Where do I sign up?” You can either come out to a club meeting held at Rene’s Roadside Diner on the first Monday of every month, print off a membership form from or call president Dean Bala at 250 402-9839. Your membership in our club would be greatly appreciated, and will help keep our local riding areas open and accessible for years to come.