Kokanee film seeks Creston Valley bands for soundtrack

Web Lead

From the garage to the big screen, a local band or artist could end up on the soundtrack for The Movie Out Here. If they think they have what it takes, they can submit a song online on at TheMovieOutHere.ca.

Until Sept. 3, local artists and bands can upload a video or mp3 of their song. Bands are encouraged to upload cover art or an image of their band to stand out from their competition.

“Every movie needs a great soundtrack,” said Kokanee brand manager Amy Rawlinson. “Kokanee is encouraging western Canadians with musical talent to submit their song for the chance to be featured in The Movie Out Here. We are leaving it open in terms of what we are looking for.

The Movie Out Here is a buddy comedy featuring Kokanee’s colourful cast of characters — including Sasq, the Glacier Girls, Glacier and Fresh and more — so we want something fun, energetic and creative that will help bring the movie to life.”

Once a band has uploaded its song, it’s up to its members to rally their fans to vote. In order to qualify for the movie, the band will need a minimum of 75 votes. Once bands have qualified, the Kokanee team will select the track that best fits with the story.

The Movie Out Here pays tribute to all things western Canadian — the mountains, local communities and residents. The buddy comedy features a group of guys that reunite in a ski town and encounter an adventure of mountainous proportions. The movie will film in Western Canada during August and September.

To learn more about the movie and how to submit a song, fans can visit www.themovieouthere.ca.