It’s Elementary: The Story of Romance

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This story was written by a student at Canyon-Lister Elementary School for It’s Elementary!, a monthly feature in the Creston Valley Advance.

This story is about how two different people can be together no matter what happens. One Sunday afternoon in a small town called Woodsville in a cottage in the woods, there lived an orphan adopted by a family. They thought they were just one ordinary family living in the forest, but one little girl named Emily had something more about her than she knew.

The next day, a messenger came to see Emily, and gave her a package and a card. Emily went to her room and read the card. The card said, “Dear Emily, my name is Professor Cheese and you’re a …wizard! P.S. The things you will need are in the package.”

Emily gasped in amazement and said, “Could it be true?” So she opened the package to find out.

In the package she saw a wand, a book and something she had never seen before — a ball, which suddenly, as she described it, started to float up toward her and suddenly went into her! Emily felt very powerful and different so she picked up the wand and the book.

She looked into the book and read, “Soap on a rope, tie up the boat.”

“It worked!” Emily said in excitement.

Emily knew that she was definitely a wizard for sure and she knew that whatever she wanted or did, it would happen.

Monday morning, the orphan named Matthew, who really liked Emily, had a secret, too, but he wanted to keep it from Emily. Matthew went outside before the sun came up and looked for a place somewhere deep in the forest. When he got there a transformation happened and he turned into a werewolf! Matthew had always been ashamed for being a hairy beast. He never wanted to show Emily his face — ever! The next morning, Matthew went into his room and he saw … Emily!

He yelled, “Emily! What are you doing in my room!”

“Oh, sorry,” cried Emily.

Emily walked out of the room and took a secret book that she had seen in his room; it told how he turned into a werewolf — it had his name in it. Emily took the book with her and went across the hall and into her room. She opened the book and saw Matthew’s name and the description of werewolves.

“Amazing!” she said.

Emily wondered all day about the secret code. Matthew was still looking for the book but he was running out of time. He stopped looking for the book and quietly went outside, deep into the forest and the same transformation happened.

One year later, both children were still living in the cottage. On a Tuesday, Emily discovered the truth about Matthew. She used her magical powers to transport the book to her room. She had always wondered what it was for, and why it had Matthew’s name in it and then before she could put the book back, she heard something very unusual. It was coming from Matthew’s room. She heard a growl and an, “Oh no!”

So Emily walked to Matthews’s room, and saw a …werewolf!

“Matthew, is that you?” Emily said.

“Yes,” Matthew said with a sigh.

Matthew thought for sure Emily would never want to see him again!

“Matthew, why haven’t you told me this before?” asked Emily.

“Well, because I thought, you wouldn’t like me anymore if you figured out I was, well, a hairy beast,” Matthew said sadly.

Emily stated, “You’re not the only one with a big secret.”

“What do you mean?” Matthew said in confusion.

Emily said to herself, Should I tell him? I will. “I’m a Wizard.”

“Wow,” said Matthew.

Emily and Mathew looked at each other and smiled because they knew they had the same idea, which was to go for a stroll in the forest. When they got deep in the forest, Emily and Matthew suddenly bumped into each other, looked into each others’ eyes and kissed. Emily and Matthew lived happily ever after.