The First Creston Scouts with some new friends at Windsor International Guides and Scouts 2014

The First Creston Scouts with some new friends at Windsor International Guides and Scouts 2014

Donations send First Creston Scouts on trip to U.K.’s Windsor International Guides and Scouts

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This summer, the First Creston Scouts enjoyed a trip to Windsor International Guides and Scouts (WINGS) 2014, held Aug. 2-9 in Berkshire, U.K.

Their trip started with two days in London to explore the city and get over jetlag. From there, they travelled to Windsor Great Park (weekend home of the Queen) for the week of camping.

WINGS 2014 was an amazing event. The Creston group of 14 was hosted by a Scout troop from Yarnton (just outside Oxford) for seven days. They camped and enjoyed the daily activities with them, as well as 6,000 Scouts and Guides from over 40 countries — circus skills, caving, climbing, swimming and paddling, helping with local charities and learning about development issues around the world. It was an incredible experience for Creston’s young people, connecting them with youth from many different countries and backgrounds but who all had similar interests.

The Scouts had many chances to showcase Canada and Creston and did the valley proud! They packed over flags, gifts, pins, Creston Valley posters and brochures, maps, Canadian money, dried cherries, pancake mix and Canadian maple syrup. For one very busy afternoon, they handed out pins and fed people mini pancakes dipped in real maple syrup. Many came back for seconds or thirds!

In addition to the World Fair afternoon, they supplemented a Canada display in the central headquarters of the camp and the youth acted as ambassadors every where they went each day. People were very excited to meet Canadians with our funny accents and words. “And you are so friendly!” they would say.

Words cannot express completely how this experience has changed the lives of Creston’s Scouts, nor can they adequately express their appreciation to the community for making this trip a reality. It truly was an experience none of them will ever forget.