Audrey Repin (left)

Audrey Repin (left)

Creston wildlife area uses Columbia Power funds for wetlands education

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This year, Columbia Power Corporation provided $1,500 to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area’s 2013 wetland education and awareness program.

Audrey Repin, director of stakeholder and external relations for Columbia Power, met up with Andrea Chapman, the CVWMA’s acting director of communications and education, at the Wildlife Interpretation Centre on Aug. 15 to see the program in action.

The centre offers hands-on displays, programming and events related to wetland management and conservation, the importance of wetlands, and the history and purpose of the management area itself. Programming can include canoeing within the wetland, dip netting for marsh monsters (such as insects), informative trail walks and much more. The CVWMA produces our school-age programming with curriculum goals in mind, as well as the interpretive strategies used for all other tours, day camps and special events.

The area literally has nature at its doorstep and uses every learning angle to its full advantage, creating a truly memorable experience.