Creston Valley Community Network facilitator retires

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Retired Creston Valley Community Network facilitator Mary Underhill.

Retired Creston Valley Community Network facilitator Mary Underhill.

In 2001, the Creston Valley Community Response Network, under the auspices of the Public Trustee and Guardian’s office in Vancouver, was formed by Julie Giles of Creston Valley Home Support and Mary Underhill of the Creston Valley Hospice Society, to deal with various types of abuse. Over 15 years, the focus has changed.

The group of approximately 30 organizations now meets as the Creston Valley Community Network (CVCN), and deals with information gathering and sharing of projects of benefit to the community.

Since the beginning, Mary Underhill, 83-year-old volunteer and grief counsellor, has facilitated the group. After 15 years of service, Underhill is retiring. Signe Miller will be taking over the position at the monthly meetings, held every second Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., in the library meeting room.

Underhill’s service was recognized with a gift of flowers, and cake and coffee, shared by all in attendance. CVCN secretary Erika Woker thanked Underhill for her compassion and ability to bring all the diverse groups together for everyone’s benefit.

The CVCN has become, over the last 15 years, a forum for agencies and non-profit organizations to promote their services and activities. No political, religious or commercial discussions are allowed, but brochures and newsletters are passed out, and all members benefit from the sharing of information.

Minutes of the meetings are circulated widely, by email, and provide details on many current projects. Organizations, who cannot send a representative, can email information to secretary Woker at