(From left) Salty

(From left) Salty

Creston Therapeutic Riding Program holding retirement party for horses

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The Creston and District Society for Community Living’s Therapeutic Riding Program has regretfully decided to retire three of its therapy horses. Blue, Inga and Salty are wonderful horses that have delighted so many people over the years. As they are healthy enough to live out more years, the program is currently looking for loving retirement homes.

Blue is about 24 years old. He is 16.1 hands high and a great big gentleman. He’s been with the riding program since 2005. He’s made so many people happy, giving them confidence and great rides over the years. Blue has some arthritis in his legs and can still be ridden gently. Blue is like a big puppy dog when roaming around the property. He’s always curious and loves to stay near his people.

Inga is a 20-year-old Norwegian Fjord. She has been with the program since 2007. Inga can walk, trot and can be coaxed to canter. She is such a cuddly lovebug! It’s fun to keep updating her mane style with different cuts. Inga was recently vet checked and had her teeth done. She is sound and can still be ridden. Inga is being retired because she no longer enjoys giving riding lessons and the program thought that she would like to be someone’s pony for her remaining years.

Salty is a 20-year-old Appaloosa/Arab cross who has been with the program since 2007. Salty has always been the favourite for beginner riders as he is such a willing and obedient horse. He is so respectful of people and other horses. Salty has a heart murmur that started to affect his strength at the end of the summer. He cannot be ridden for this reason. He is in very good condition otherwise.

A retirement party is being held to reminisce and thank Blue, Salty and Inga for all of their hard work. Come and visit, have a coffee and snacks and give the horses a big thank you pat and an apple or two. The party is scheduled for 3-5 p.m. Nov. 16 at 849 Erickson Rd at the Therapeutic Riding Program clubhouse and the clubhouse lawn.

For further information about the program, contact Michelle Whiteaway at 250-402-6793 or mwhiteaway@hotmail.com, or visit cdscl.com/trp.htm.