Creston music students work hard in practice-athlon

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In the fall, the Creston Valley Music Teachers’ Association challenged its students to “go the distance”. In the same way a skater puts in hours of practice laps, music students put in a lot of time practicing their instruments. So the students were challenged to meet a goal of practice laps, based on 15 minutes per lap.

This proved to be a very successful way to quantify goals, as many students met or exceeded their target time. In the five-week challenge period, families learned realistic expectations for daily music practice. Some of these students performed in the 2012 Creston Festival of the Arts on Feb. 24 and 25, and March 6 and 7.

The high scorer in each division (marked with *) won a pass from the Creston and District Community Complex, and all participants received a free Dairy Queen Treat. Overall winner Megan Bibby also received a swim pass.

The CVMTA extends its appreciation to the Creston and District Community Complex and Dairy Queen for the prizes, to the parents for their support and the students for their dedication and hard work.


Division 3

Goal: 150 laps (7.5 hours/week)

Megan Bibby

Goal: 90-100 laps (4.5-5 hours/week)

Taijia Bibby*, Sheena Soroke


Division 2

Goal: 75-80 laps (3.75-4 hours/week)

Norma Blackmore, Stella Blackmore, Nata-sha Ewashen, Kaitlin Jaap, Hannah Ryckman

Goal: 70 laps (3.5 hours/week)

Allyssa Soroke*


Division 1

Goal 50-55 laps (2.5-2.75 hours/week)

Miah Armitage, Jenna Blackmore, Joshua Daignault, Siobhan Davies, Olivia Hanson, Meghan Huss, Kayla Koehoorn, Marissa Koehoorn, Zoe Marini, Ashley Mottl*, Bea Roelofse, Keirra Soroke, Dayna Soroke

Goal 25 laps

(1.25 hours)

Mia Hanson, Meredith Walker