Garbage is regularly dumped near the Canyon Bridge.

Garbage is regularly dumped near the Canyon Bridge.

Canyon-Lister student posters address litter problem

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Recently, a subcommittee of the Canyon Community Association formed to address the increasing amount of litter and vandalism in Canyon. Of most concern is the continual dumping of garbage, appliances and animal carcasses in the areas near the bridge and Whimster Road.

The Town of Creston’s success with its Community Pride program inspired the subcommittee to take action to bring awareness to residents in Canyon. Meetings have been held to try to find a way to reduce the litter and find out who is responsible.

As part of the campaign a competition has been offered to Canyon-Lister Elementary School students, who have created posters aimed at reducing litter and vandalism. The committee offered a first prize of $25, and each child who created a poster will receive a coupon from Dairy Queen for a treat, thanks to owner Mike Vigna.

The school’s theme for the month of May is “community”, according to principal David Falconer. Thirty posters have been entered in the competition, showing how much the students care about their community.

For the week of June 4-9, the posters will be on display in the window of Creston Card and Stationery. Thanks to the donation of laminating sleeves from owner Mike Poznikoff, many of those can be posted outdoors in Canyon to remind residents that their actions affect us all.