Asante Children’s Choir performing at Creston’s Grace Christian Fellowship

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The Asante Children's Choir is visiting Creston on Nov. 20.

The Asante Children's Choir is visiting Creston on Nov. 20.

On Nov. 20, Grace Christian Fellowship will host the Asante Children’s Choir.

“The choir is dedicated to spreading love, hope and joy while raising awareness for the desperate plight of orphans and other vulnerable children,” said Assante Ministries tour co-ordinator Karen Klippenstein via email. “Their colourful clothing, pounding drums and sweet voices demonstrate their hope and dream for a brighter future. Their inspirational stories of resilience have instilled hope in the hearts of all those who have seen them perform.”

“Asante” is a Swahili word translated “thank you” in English. The Christian choir, according to, “is made up of children from East Africa, a region recovering from years of civil war and genocide that have claimed millions of lives leaving thousands of children and women as orphans and widows. …

“The children who have been rescued from some of life’s most difficult circumstances take pride in expressing gratitude through their music. Their performances are the true testimonies and living ‘thank -you’ (asante) notes sang to everyone who has invested in their lives giving them great pride and hope for a brighter future.”

The Creston concert, part of a Canadian tour, starts at 7 p.m.