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Kootenay Hypopressives offers coaching for pelvic floor strengthening

Going beyond Kegels
Carmen Ditzler is the owner/instructor at Kootenay Hypopressives. (Submitted)

The pelvic floor is integral to our health, strength, movement, and function. Kegels used to be the gold standard for strengthening the pelvic floor, but now we have another tool available -hypopressives.

Hypopressives are a gentle, holistic way for you to regain control of your pelvic floor, while also improving posture, breath, and the resting tone and strength of your whole body. It is a system of breathing and body positions with a history in yoga, physiotherapy, and fitness that was developed in Europe in the 1980s and came to Canada over 10 years ago.

Learn to breathe, move, hold positions, and do a false breath or an apnea that strengthens your core and pelvic floor from the inside out. The sessions are adapted specifically for your body, challenges, and goals. There is no internal exam, and no need for specific clothing or equipment. If you can breathe, stand, or lay down, and are willing to try - you can do hypopressives. It’s not fitness or physio or a workout - it is a practice that requires effort and concentration, but you don’t get sweaty and out of breath.

Some issues that have brought people to the Kootenay Hypopressive clinic are:

• Leaking of urine (when you lift, laugh, cough - or you can’t hold it when you “have to go”)

• Prolapse of bladder, uterus, or rectum (parts are not in the right places!)

• Tech neck or posture changes (you know that hump in your back or neck?)

• Breathing challenges (develop stronger, deeper breaths with more control)

• Low core strength (having trouble doing everyday tasks with ease?)

• Poor/slow balance (are you tripping, falling, spilling more that you used to?)

• Back pain (chronic, unstable, never know when your back is going to act up?)

• Pre-post surgery- (hip, prostate, knee, back, hysterectomy, bladder repair etc.)

• Pre-post baby preparation and recovery (including Caesarian)

• Athletic training (improve strength, endurance, and cardio in a new way)

Carmen Ditzler is the owner/instructor at Kootenay Hypopressives. She holds two degrees in physical education (currently referred to as kinesiology), certification from Hypopressives International, as well as a lifetime of teaching and coaching to help clients learn in a safe and fun way. More information available at Located above Family Practice Medical, at #10 - 223 16 Ave. N.