Creston Valley apple and pear ciders available at farmers’ market, Creative Fix

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Sparkling pear and apple cider from the William Tell Juice Company.

Sparkling pear and apple cider from the William Tell Juice Company.

Mad Trapper and William Tell ciders made on JRD Farms in Erickson are now available at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market and Creative Fix.

“It just sort of came to me one day,” Dave Mutch said of the idea to produce non-alcoholic ciders and sparkling ciders. “People aren’t drinking alcohol, especially in public, as they used to and this is a great alternative.”

The William Tell Juice Company now offers old-fashioned sparkling apple and pear cider, as well as Mad Trapper old-fashioned apple cider.

The sparkling ciders will have a special appeal for those who want non-alcoholic beverages to serve at parties and dinner. Crisp and clean apple and pear flavours will match nicely with a variety of food dishes and the bubbles will lend a celebratory air to the occasion.

“It’s a nice addition to gift baskets, too,” he said.

The white-print-on-black-background labels are highlighted with just a drop of colour. A red apple and green pear lend a whimsical touch to the classic design.

The William Tell name “just dropped out of the sky,” Mutch said. He liked it because the Swiss legend “is a good story” and evokes the image of an apple. Coincidentally, Nov. 18 is reputed to be the date on which the marksman saved his life by using his crossbow to shoot an apple off the head of his son, Walter, in a single attempt in 1307.

To mark the occasion, bottles of old fashioned sparkling apple and pear cider, regularly priced at $9.99, are being sold at two for $18.

Mad Trapper old-fashioned apple cider, sold in 1.89- and 3.78-litre jugs, has been a hit at the farmers’ market, Mutch said. The market and Creative Fix are the only local outlets — in Nelson, the products can be found at Kootenay Co-op and Culinary Conspiracy — but orders can also be arranged by messaging Mutch on the William Tell Juice Company Facebook page.

William Tell Juice Company products are made entirely from local fruit and even the labels were designed locally. And there are more products anticipated down the road. Next spring should see the release of apple and pear cider vinegar. Peach and cherry old-fashioned ciders are planned from the 2014 harvest.