(Photo Description: The Creston Valley Farmers Market. Photo Credits: BC Farmers' Market Trail & Anice Wong)

Creston prepares for a summer of tourism

The small town of Creston is ready for a summer of tourism now that pandemic restrictions ease up

As summer warms up and British Columbians come out of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Creston has a number of family-friendly events– whether it be food, drink, adventure, and everything in between.

Some of Creston’s best highlights include:

  • The International Selkirk Loop
  • The Creston Museum
  • Creston Valley Farmers Market
  • Kunze Art Gallery

The Selkirk Loop is a 280-mile long scenic highway that is in both Canada and the United States and has various side trips that includes beautiful lake and mountain range views.

The Creston Museum is the one-stop shop for anyone interested in Creston and its history. At this museum, people can learn about anything related to the small town whether it be The Great Railway Race or the Great Creston Bank Robbery. One can also learn about the history of both the mining and railways systems that carried Creston into the modern day.

The Creston Valley Farmers Market will be there for all food related adventures one might want to get some of the best meals from different cuisines money can buy.

“Now that restrictions and mandates are being lifted, and now more people are able to gather in one place, we’re definitely seeing an increase in the amount of tourists,” Creston Valley Visitor Centre coordinator Amy Maddess said.

Alongside the already existing tourist attractions, the town will look to host multiple entertainment venues this summer.

“There is live music and entertainment planned for summer months in Millennium Park and will have multiple vendors, which is going to be very exciting.”

For more information on Creston tourism and how to attend, see their website.

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