Confidence is key when searching for new job

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One thing that’s critical to a successful job search is confidence. Trying to prove your abilities to multiple employers day after day can quickly drain you of this self-confidence quite quickly, if you’re not prepared. So how can you keep your spirits up and find work that you’re good at? Read on to discover some helpful points.

Self-confidence comes from knowing yourself, being prepared and understanding how you can be a benefit to potential employers and their businesses. Getting focused on positive facts about your abilities is critical in preparing for your job search and interviews. If you go out unfocused and unprepared, instead of leaving a good impression, you may be showing off your less than best side.

First impressions are very important.

If you are feeling down, take positive action to lift your spirits before going out to meet with employers. This could be as simple as listening to your favorite song, calling an upbeat friend or speaking with your employment counselor at Kootenay Employ-ment Services.

Here are some other tips on how to get focused and boost your confidence:

•Periodically review your resume and remind yourself of the good things you’ve done. Perhaps reword some things or change the emphasis in some descriptions. Tweaking a resume is a helpful exercise.

•Connect with past co-workers and bosses with whom you have good relationships. People who “knew you when” can help boost confidence, remind you of your strengths and provide networking opportunities and additional contacts. Let them know you’re looking for work; they may just know someone who is hiring.

•Make a list of your strengths, interests and skills and focus on these. This is not a list of work experience, but of your own set of unique abilities. Not only will this remind you that you do have things to offer, but it will give you something to talk about with contacts and employers.

•Volunteer where your skills are needed. If you are a graphic designer, offer to design a brochure for a local non-profit. If you are an organizer, volunteer at a charity fundraiser. You’ll be using your skills, doing good and meeting new people.

It is so important to know yourself and how you function. When you understand how you tick, you are much more capable of adapting to situations in a healthy way that will also bring positive results. You also gain the ability to communicate with others clearly and confidently when you are clear inside yourself about your strengths and abilities. Employers can tell the difference between a self-confident person and someone who is confused about what to do next. Get educated about yourself and you will feel much more secure.

A rather fun way to get a clear picture of your strengths and unique characteristics are the assessments that are done at KES. Several employment counselors are certified to deliver and assess the results of these resources. You’d be surprised at how much you find out about your personality type and what jobs would satisfy you most.

To help you understand what type of person you are, KES offers over 20 different assessments. Some of the most used are Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory (suitable career), Essential Skills Assessment (skill level) and True Colors Assessment (temperament and personality type).

Last of all, the best thing about you is that you are a one of a kind. So be yourself, know what you are good at and figure out a way to share with a prospective employer how you can bring your unique skills into their workplace!

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