Jenneil Peters

Driver suspended from Creston Cab

“This was an unfortunate incident that was intercepted at the right time and thankfully no one got hurt.”

Creston snowmobiler hopes to spark tourism interest

I hope to spark tourism interest by showcasing all that the Creston Valley has to offer.

Mystic Creations is looking to make a difference in 2018

“This fundraiser is very close to my heart and I participate every year.”

Health Canada consumer alert

Flintstones Plus Iron multivitamins for children: One bottle found to contain unidentified capsules instead of chewable tablets

Close Deals Faster

Every sale involves an exchange of value.

Relax, rejuvenate, re-energize

Creston welcomes a new full-service luxury day spa on Canyon street in…

Cultivating wellness in Erickson

Erickson is the new home of Cultivating Wellness, Creston Valley’s first medicinal…

Santa Claus will still be visiting the Creston Valley this year

Community support surrounding this inaugural event has been incredible

Local company looking to give back to Creston

“It feels wonderful to be able to come back to Creston and contribute to Creston’s economic growth”

Creston Valley Gleaners Society gives back one million dollars

In 1984 Gleaners was founded on “gleaning” gently used articles for resell

Check out the new and improved Creston Valley Advance online community calendar

Be sure to take advantage of this great community resource

Large number of rat colonies in Creston Valley neighborhoods

Wildsafe BC Community Coordinator, Trish Drinkle, talks about the increasing rat population

Cougar the opportunistic predator

In the past few weeks, Creston Valley residents have been sharing cougar sightings on social media.

Opposition to Bylaw #1861

Members of the Committee for an Affordable Fire Hall say they are concerned with upcoming referendum

Creston Valley Gleaner Society has a growing problem they just can’t get a handle on

The constant “donations” of residents unwanted items, is out of control.

Fine dining comes to Town of Creston

Brendan and Paige Mulder have brought fine dining to Creston with their new restaurant Mulder’s.