Creston Valley Advance Staff

UPDATE: Hwy 3 is reduced to single lane alternating traffic 20 km west of Creston

Assessment is ongoing in conjunction with BC wildfire service.

Transit service changes in the Creston Valley

Coming soon improved service to the Community Complex

Energy retrofits for 32 affordable housing buildings

$1.6 million in Trust grants will help improve over 600 units across the Basin

Changes coming to The Creston Valley Advance

Things are about to look a little different around here.

Creston Education Centre to remain open

School District No. 8 has decided that Creston Education Centre will not close

Truth in conversation

Faith in stories that have been passed down through time contains both danger and opportunity.

Audition roll call for the production of Some Fools and Their Money

“These roles are really larger than life, so there’s no way you can play them too big,”

Call for artists and heritage venues

Registration is now open for artists/venues in the Columbia Basin to participate in the Columbia Basin Culture Tour (CBCT).

Joe Trio a new breed of classical musicians

Joe Trio is not your average piano trio

The good ol’ days

I may be dating myself here, but I remember a time when 7-Eleven wasn’t a fast food restaurant.

Budget 2018

Budget 2018 works for the Kootenay region and the entire province.

Love, Yourself

February. It’s barely a month and every four years we toss it an extra day to make itself feel better.

NDP Decision to Further study the Transport of Dilbit

Big oil is in such an obnoxious hurry to push the KinderMorgan pipeline project through.

Trot on down to the recreation center

This weekend will be the 8th Annual Art Trot Fundraiser at the Community Complex

The link between psych drugs and school shootings

Rational gun control in America seems unlikely.

A bit of tech talk

I remember getting my weekly allowance on Friday after I got home from school.

McKerracher Re-Elected Hospital District Chair

The Kootenay East Regional Hospital District Board has elected its Chair and Acting Chair for the coming year.

Bold “Made-in-B.C.” plan to strengthen home care released

BCCPA paper provides recommendations to ensure that “health begins at home” for seniors

Changes in 2018 for Fields Forward

Staffing changes in the Fields Forward team