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A bit of tech talk

I remember getting my weekly allowance on Friday after I got home from school.

McKerracher Re-Elected Hospital District Chair

The Kootenay East Regional Hospital District Board has elected its Chair and Acting Chair for the coming year.

Bold “Made-in-B.C.” plan to strengthen home care released

BCCPA paper provides recommendations to ensure that “health begins at home” for seniors

Changes in 2018 for Fields Forward

Staffing changes in the Fields Forward team

Duck Lake leopard frog closure

These biologists need to look at more than just the leopard frog.

Keep our country democratic

Our P.M. is acting like a spoiled brat.

The Sower and the Seed – Matthew 13:1 – 9

When the word of God is set aside, its power to restrain the evil passions is rejected.

What you need to know for this tax season

What you need to know for this tax season

Hiking with water

Water is necessary to stay alive.

Those Were The Days…

Hey, it’s that magical time of year where we have a multitude…

Dear Vancouver: It’s not you. It’s me.

I wanted to like you – I really did

February 25-March 8 is Freedom to Read Week.

February 25-March 8 is Freedom to Read Week. Check out for…

New space means new plans at the Creston Museum

New structure out in front of the Creston Museum built by the Creston Valley Rotary Club

The Sower and the Seed -part 3 Matthew 13:1 – 9

Christ came to sow the world with truth.


Creston Concert Society’s exciting season continues with its next presentation [ZØGMA], on…

Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce opposing the minimum wage increase

“These are not positive scenarios for employees, employers or the economy as a whole.”