The Creston Wave Swim Club at the meet they hosted at the Creston and District Community Complex on the weekend.

Seven Creston Wave swimmers win medals at home meet

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  • Thu Jun 23rd, 2016 8:00pm
  • Sports

For the third weekend in a row, the Creston Wave Swim Club had a swim meet. This weekend was a special one, though, as it was hosting its annual meet. The Wave had three times the amount of kids swimming than at the first two swim meets. Many of those swam in their very first meet this weekend, and all of the swimmers did very well. Seven swimmers even won medals!

Creston had six swimmers in the novice (six and under) category. Danae Damery and Lauren Short, both at their first meets, placed top three in all four of their races. Aleena Ziefflie finished top three in three of her races, and also competed on the Div. 3 girls relay team with some of her older teammates. Lucien and Ben Catherall, finished either first or second in all of their races. Lucien also competed on a relay, but with Div. 1 boys. Kaine Gauthier came third in two of his races, and got three personal bests.

The Div. 1 boys swam hard in their relay and individual events. Dax Larson finished top five in his 50-metre butterfly. Alexander Hopkins finished top eight in his 50-metre freestyle and 50-metre backstroke. Ethan Pelly came top five in three events, and broke a minute in his 50-metre freestyle. Callum Ziefflie finished top three in all of his events, swam a personal best in all of his races and received the bronze medal for Div. 1 boys.

Creston’s Div. 1 girls, Suzie Whitford and Alexandra Brown, both got at least one best time. Alexandra also placed top three in her 50-metre butterfly.

The Wave had the most swimmers in the Div. 2 girls category. Annalise Morris, swimming in her first ever meet, finished top five in her 50-metre backstroke. Nadine Persad and Millie Whitford both swam four personal bests. Kiffy Thompson came top four in her 100-metre individual medley, and swam two personal bests. Creston’s fifth Div. 2 girl, Natasha Hopkins, came top three in all of her races, and was awarded the bronze medal for her category.

Trip Larson was the lone Div. 2 boy for Creston. Trip got a best time in his 50-metre freestyle, and came first with both his relay teams.

Spencer Kilmartin, Isaiah Persad and Jake Wiens were the other members of the winning relay team. Spencer finished top five in all of his Div. 4 events. Isaiah finished top six in all of his Div. 5 events. Jake Wiens, the fourth member of the relay team, finished top four in all of his events, and overall came third in the Div. 3 boys category, winning the bronze medal.

The Creston Wave had two girls swimming in the competitive Div. 3 this weekend. Maryn Wiens and Sydney Sheck both got five best times, and finished second and third on their relays.

Kate Page, who raced with Maryn and Sydney on a relay, got a huge best time in her 100-metre freestyle.

Coach Emily Simpson finished top three in all of her races and received the bronze medal for Div. 7 girls. Ada Browne competed in Div. 7, as well, finishing top 7 in all of her events and swimming best times in all of her races.

Coach Kieran Simpson came first in all his events and received the gold medal for Div. 7 boys.

Creston’s Div. 6 girls relay consisted of Kailey Morris, Katelyn Wiens, Kylee Pemberton and Carter Pelly. Their relay finished second in both the individual medley and freestyle relays. Kailey finished top six, and swam best times in all of her events. Kylee Pemberton finished top six in all of her events. Katelyn Wiens finished top three in all of her events, and received the silver medal for Div. 6 girls. Carter came either first or second in all of her events, set a new meet record for the girls Div. 5 50-metre freestyle, and received the silver medal.

Jake, Katelyn and Carter also competed in the eliminator challenge put on at the meet each year. Katelyn finished fifth, and both Jake and Carter finished third.

The Wave improved in overall team standings, finishing fifth overall. The team has another meet this weekend in Salmo, which will be the fourth in a row before a weekend off.