Creston atom team concludes tough season at Elkford tourney

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  • Sat Mar 3rd, 2012 5:00pm
  • Sports

On the weekend, the atom B Bruins played in their banner tournament in Elkford. Other teams participating were Elkford, Cranbrook and Glacier.

This will not be an article about them winning the banner or who scored what goals. This will be an article about a team that went into the tournament without any wins, few goals, and many frustrations.

“What I observed this weekend is a team that has grown and learned what persistence, positivity and teamwork are all about,” said team manager Renelle Walker. “I saw a team out on the ice this last weekend that didn’t let the score on the board get them down. They played all 60 minutes of hockey with passion and heart that I wish I saw in every team that played hockey.”

Walker also saw great passing and some awesome defense. Goalie Ryan Palmer, she said, has grown into being a goalie that just didn’t give up. The girls on the team, too, are turning into excellent players.

“This team had seven girls on the team and I witnessed how these girls have grown in the game of hockey and will one day show the boys who is boss,” said Walker. “I saw eight boys on the team that have grown in the game of hockey and have learned how to rely on each other. I have a seen a bunch of kids in a tiring tournament grow over the past six months into a team that is all heart and soul.

“This team has made me very proud to let me be a part of it and has shown me that I, too, as the manager of the team, can be a coach.”

Walker also expressed her appreciation to parents, the “little” players who helped out when the team needed a few extra players, and coaches Rod Sanderson and Bruce Mihalcheon for their diligence and hard work.