Pieces of art that will be in the May long weekend Teen Art Walk.

75th Creston Valley Blossom Festival: Prince Charles Secondary School student creations in Teen Art Walk

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A Teen Art Walk will be mounted by Prince Charles Secondary School art students as part of the 75th Creston Valley Blossom Festival weekend, with 40 young artists expected to participate.

Their Art teacher Karin Hawkins anticipates a variety of art pieces including ceramic sculptures. Many styles will be represented — surrealist, cubist and abstract. Several masks will be featured.

“My art classes are looking forward to their own show Blossom Festival weekend,” said Hawkins. “It is an event that honours their creativity and personal growth.”

Venues hosting the Teen Art Walk include Creative Fix, Puffin Design and the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce, and front window displays at 1130 Canyon St. and the Creston Valley Advance.