Warm heart and faith are important

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To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in Creston a merry Christmas, and also share some of my experiences during the past few weeks.

On Nov. 21, I saw a movie entitled Buck at the Tivoli Theatre and enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to seeing the film, The Iron Lady, mainly because I’m somewhat of a fan of Margaret Thatcher and her conservative philosophy. Hopefully, this movie should arrive sometime early next year.

Next, I attended the play, Aladdin, on Dec. 2 at the Prince Charles Theatre. It was a wonderful performance. The annual Santa Claus Parade on Dec. 3 was quite good, as were the Creston Fiddlers (Dec. 4) at the Holy Cross Catholic Church. On the evening of Dec. 5, I ate, for the first time in my life, authentic African food (at the Trinity United Church), and then, along with several others, was treated to a traditional dance. It was a unique experience indeed, and the money raised through ticket sales will be used to help eliminate poverty on the continent of Africa. I also enjoyed the Blossom Valley Singers (Dec. 11) at Prince Charles Theatre, as well.

Last but not least, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train that rolled into town on the morning of the 12th was a great event for Creston. Valdy and the other performers certainly put on a great show. It’s wonderful that a company as large and powerful as the CPR is helping those in need by raising awareness regarding hunger in our society. Incidentally, for those of you who are interested, locomotive No. 9815, which was leading this train, was manufactured by General Electric back in 2004, is a model AC4400CW and rated at 4,400 horsepower.

To conclude my letter: During these troubled times, it is important to have faith in a higher power, and possess a warm heart. It doesn’t matter if one practises Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism or the Baha’i faith. I am sure the Lord doesn’t mind how he or she worships Him — after all, He did create the universe and all its wonders 13.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang, so who am I to argue with the “big guy” upstairs?

Merry Christmas, peace on Earth, God bless, goodwill to all men, women and children of this beautiful planet we call home. Best wishes in 2012!

Allan Clement