Tired of listening to leaders’ lies

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To the Editor:

The headline on a National Post caught my eye walking past a newsstand the other day. The wording was to the effect that Premier Christy Clark is wanting to regroup and rebuild the Liberal Party before the next provincial election. That will be a challenge with the majority of Gordon Campbell’s overpaid cabinet and caucus still hanging in there.

This challenge is going to spread to the Opposition and other new parties in the running for the 2013 provincial election, as well, because of the voters’ concerns on two subjects, namely B.C.’s economy and the terminating of all the CEOs receiving huge exorbitant salaries from $300,000-$900,000 per year and their forthcoming pensions. Whether Clark realizes it or not, these two concerns will be the top election issues. For her to act on this now would give her the edge for another four-year term.

The media, having quoted Clark, says she was elected by the Liberal Party without a mandate. Campbell was not given a mandate by us to borrow and spend millions upon millions of dollars on the 2010 Olympic Games, leaving B.C. in the poorhouse without even enough to give the schoolteachers their overdue salary increase. Therefore, Clark can form a mandate on her own incentive by cleaning house in Victoria and giving it an overhaul. Whatever our party of choice is, I believe all of us would wish her well on that mandate.

Once that task is accomplished, Clark could investigate the professionals in their capacity who abuse our Medicare system. Again, I’m sure that most of us would support her in that mandate, also. Then there is the sale of raw logs to offshore markets (with the loss of B.C. jobs).

Cleaning house of its dirty work and corruption is long overdue, as is a hands-on, honest leader. To Christy Clark I say, “Show us what you got.” We have been tired of listening to the premiers’ lies and bull for the past 35 years!

Michael Bunn