Time for Creston to grow up

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Given the recent good news of Creston’s “status upgrade” from town to city, I’m wondering if anyone is planning to acknowledge and celebrate this momentous occasion. I have already written notes to the mayor and chamber executive director Jim Jacobsen.

Just as a teenager must grow up and take on the challenges of real life, so I’m sure everyone should be pleased that Creston has reached this milestone.

Yes, it offers challenges to local businesses and residents alike; however, we don’t try to keep our children as teenagers forever, either. With planning and foresight, this city can continue to grow in a sustained and manageable pattern that preserves those things from the “old days” yet embraces and invites the new. There are so many industries that could be started to offset the tax burdens. It simply requires some foresight, effort and desire — all of which I know the people of Creston have in good supply.

Alfred Seidl