Sidewalk shovelling causes injury

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To the Editor:

Even though sometimes it still feels like winter, spring is here, the grass is green and the blossoms are out, and I am writing about a winter subject, so that those concerned will have all summer to think about what I have to say.

Last winter, some articles appeared in the Advance about the subject of snow removal from town sidewalks bordering private properties. In some towns, this is the responsibility of the town; in others, like Creston, the onus is on the property owner to do so, and it is our town’s wish that this snow be removed by 10:30 a.m. because the town could be liable in a lawsuit if a pedestrian were to slip and fall on the town sidewalk.

Now, the point of this letter: I am a senior citizen, pushing 80 years of age. Before Christmas I hurt my back doing snow removal on town property. I have been totally disabled going on five months. Today I am partially disabled, and still cannot walk as I used to before this disability.

Am I, or am I not, within my rights to sue the Town of Creston for injuring myself on town property? I think town council should think about this, as should every senior citizen who could end up in my situation, or worse.

Alex Ewashen