Red dress project

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To the Editor:

It was a privilege, last Sunday, to take part in the Red Dress event, to remember the missing and murdered aboriginal women. My thanks to the Hospital Workers Union for instigating this ceremony, in conjunction with the Lower Kootenay Band.

Chief Louie’s speech, and other people’s stories, touched our hearts. The hanging of red dresses (red is the colour that spirits can see) was a wonderful visual reminder of this tragic issue.

We hope this will become an annual event. We’d like better signage next time, to tell people why we are marching on highway 21. We appreciate the emergency services and flaggers for supervising our safety.

The dozens of men and women who took part want violence against women to stop. Not all victims of violence are aboriginal, but a large percentage are. Men need to use their position of power in society to help stop this tragic fact of our times.

Come out next year, and bring a red dress to hang along the route. We will march until all those women are found.

Signe Miller

Creston, BC