Prophecies prove Jewish and Christian God is the true god

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To the Editor:

Certain important events or happenings are never mentioned by people with anti-Jewish sentiments like Clive England (“Dogmatic beliefs the cause of Israel/Palestine situation”). They never mention that:

•the Palestinians are increasing in population in Israel with many financially well off with more freedom. They would beat the average income of all the bordering Muslim countries if they did not start wars;

•some Palestinians are elected to sit in government;

•all the four big wars were all started by the Muslim holy war agenda;

•the Muslim schools are teaching that Jews are descendants of monkeys, not real humans, and should be eradicated. Of course, Muslims are created by God; and

•Israel does not train 14-year-olds for suicide bombings. Israelis do not blow up people-filled restaurants or tourists like the recent killing of Jewish tourists in Bulgaria, nor would they kill athletes in the Olympics as was done to them.

Clive’s big complaint was that the Palestinians were stopped, questioned and searched so often, but not the Israelis. For security and less killing, it just makes good sense.

How can we in Canada talk against Israelis doing construction in most of Israel? We Canadians have built for over 300 years on the natives’ disputed land, over a thousand times more than Israel has done. Yes, Clive, if you want to apply it in Israel, first you should apply it in Canada or you are a hypocrite.

Clive stated, “Neither [Robert] Slimm nor I can say with any authority which belief may or may not be correct.” Obviously, your problem is that you do not know the Old Testament, because of the several hundreds of prophecies all coming true, even some in our time. This could not be done by man. No other religion has such a divine record and can therefore be written by man.

So contrary to your belief, Clive, we can, without doubt, through knowledge come to that authoritative conclusion that the Jewish and Christian God is the only true god. To call Mr. Slimm dogmatic in regards to his letter is ridiculous. The Muslim beliefs in fighting holy wars are dogmatic.

If the 15 per cent of Muslim clerics and radicals were left out, we would have very fine and lovable people.

John Jorgensen


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