Now is the time to act and vote

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To the Editor:

Another federal election and more of the political bafflegab. I will still vote, as I have done in every election. Even if it is this tie for no other reason but to get rid of Mr. Harper or at least to prevent getting a majority government. I happen to believe that Harper is the worst and most dangerous prime minister in Canada’s history. People from other parts of the world who lived under oppressive dictators will most likely agree.

Globe and Mail columnists and others that know Harper tell us that he is a politically highly skilled, methodical, disciplined possessor of rigorous intellect. They also describe him as single-minded, suspicious of the world around him and obsessively determined to control it.

I spent the early years of my life under a ruler with similar qualities. We all know what Europe looked like in 1945. Canadian soldiers fought and died for our freedom and for a better world, and I am forever grateful to them that I am allowed to live in a free, wonderful Canada. Can those politicians that disregard the will of the people, erode democracy, try to undermine freedom and treat us like pawns in their silly games look their brave soldiers and the families that lost their loved ones straight in the eye? These politicians have never experienced the horrors of war.

It wasn’t always that way. To mind comes former prime minister Lester Pearson, who gave us the great Canadian maple leaf flag and made Canada respected in the world as a peacekeeping nation. Will the Liberals ever go back to their old values, like the 18th century battle cry of the French Revolution, “liberté, egalité and fraternité” (“freedom, equality and brotherhood”)?

Will the NDP think of the tremendous contribution of the great Tommy Douglas? Will they all take our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to heart?

What kind of future will we leave for our children and future generations? The choice is our, provided we speak up, act and vote.

Henry Dahle