Northern Gateway Pipeline a stupid, fascist idea

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To the Editor:

The Northern Gateway Pipeline is clearly the most fascist idea to come from our political leaders since the North American Union. Not one of our federal or provincial politicians is even making a peep about this issue except for political expedience. It is clearly a fascist movement spearheaded by the corporate elites to ensure we stay as slaves to black crack.

It is not that our elected leaders have not been reminded constantly about the Gulf of Mexico, Prince William Sounds, Red Deer River, the Athabasca River, the tarsands disaster, Iraq, Libya, Ecuador and Nigeria because their constituents are screaming made about this lunacy. Nobody is listening, though — not Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Christy Clark, Adrian Dix, David Wilks or Michelle Mungall. It is simply business as usual.

Not only is it fascist, it is stupid. What part of turning your gasoline engine on in your garage eventually kills you don’t you understand? Oil is obsolete technology.

In today’s advanced, civilized and intelligent society, we have figured out that Mother Earth provides us with micro hydro, solar, geothermal, tidal and wind energy. We have developed advance technologies like biodiesel, magnetic engines, antigravity and radio, yet nobody is talking about developing these wonderful, clean and intelligent ideas. We have batteries that can store enough energy to supply a city bigger than Creston and LED lights that use almost no electricity. You can get enough power to run your house simply by hooking up to your septic tank. Energy is everywhere! Tesla taught us this 90 years ago, yet we are still smoking black crack through a pipe. Well, Mother Earth is starting to punch back now, isn’t she? Investing $400 million into the Northern Gateway Pipeline is like investing $400 million into eight-track tapes. It’s just dumb.

And the word is out about how many jobs this will create and how it will keep the economy. Lies! Everybody knows this is a part-time Band-Aid job designed to keep all the money at the top where it belongs. You want jobs and economic growth? You can start by dismantling all those useless oil refineries and liquefied natural gas plants. Then you can dig up all that obsolete pipeline and clean up the mess that has been created from two generations of abuse and neglect so your grandchildren will have air to breathe and water to drink.

We will devlop these wonderful alternatives right here in B.C. Every creek and river can produce electricity that wouldn’t disturb the fish or turn waterways into lakes. All sewage treatment facilities can have biodiesel plants attached to them and all vehicles currently on the road can be converted to run on diesel — easy and simple ideas that can be implemented today and running in a month. Think about what that would do to our manufacturing industry and local economies. These are the types of ideas I will be suggesting in the 2013 provincial election.

You can choose either the New World Order and its ideals or True Democracy, Internet government, and support and idea of governance that will be respectful of the people’s wishes.

Tyson Soroke

West Creston