Noisy motorcycles keep riders safe on Creston Valley highways

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Noise bylaw needed to combat loud motorcycles in on Creston Valley highways”, July 14 Advance)

Susan you were whining about loud motorcycles. There is a saying, “Loud pipes saves lives.” The most used and lamest saying that car drivers use is “I didn’t see the motorcycle.” Well, now, can you hear them?

I was lucky after my motorcycle was totaled — two-and-a-half months in the hospital and one year of recovery before I could work again.

A man in Mission was broadsided on his bike. Now he can only be on his feet for less than one hour at any time. The driver’s response? “I didn’t see him.”

Lets go on to truck drivers. Those darn car drivers just have to get in front of the truck, then brake. “Well I can do that. He has all those wheels to stop with.” A truck needs a lot of stopping room. If you want to get in that room, he will still take the same amount of room to stop.

Or how about the Albertans that put-put around the corners, then go like stink on a straight piece of road so you can’t get around them?

So if you don’t like loud pipes, then car drivers need to wake up and share the road. This is motorcycle season.

Art Beauchamp