More care needed by Creston dog owners

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To the Editor:

I am writing this to you because of an incident that happened the night of March 8 that has left me heartbroken and distraught. This happened in the 1200 block of Birch and 14th Avenue.

I know that this town has bylaws against dogs roaming free, yet this night in question someone’s dog or dogs killed my cat. She was in her own yard when this happened. She was not antagonizing these dogs; she was doing her business. This dog or dogs were brutal and swift. With one shake they broke her neck.

My question is, why were these dogs allowed to roam free at night? Are you, the owners, so lazy that you cannot take your dog out to do its business?

You have left my heart shattered. Thank you so much for your inconsiderate behaviour. Because of you I have lost my best friend. And, yes, I am angry.

Do you, as the owner of this dog or dogs in question, realize what will happen if this is allowed to continue? Dogs when left to roam will eventually start to form a pack. Once these dogs get this pack mentality, they will start to bring down bigger and bigger prey. Next time, it may not be someone’s pet, and the next time it could be someone’s child.

Wake up, dog owners, please. I beg you. Keep your dogs in at night. Just because no one is up at this time in the morning does not mean your dogs are not causing problems or heartbreak.

Maggie McGregor