Letter encouraged equal rights, not abandonment of science

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Science is a way to gain knowledge”)

I think that you are missing the point, sir. The dogma of the Church of Scientology is just as politically charged as my following of the Bible. I am just as offended that you think that my comments are as “reprehensible and ignorant to the core” as you are about living amongst people who believe that we came from a divine being or God. But again, this is not the point, and I am sorry that my comments offended you.

Actually the point is that the governing bodies pull money from thin air and spend it to fund projects like the “atom basher” in Geneva, and there are people all over the world starving. The “God particle”, or Higgs boson, has still not been found, and they are no closer than they were three years ago, and yet whatever or whoever created this world still remains a mystery to many scientists. But because I am some hick that you assume never went to university, I am somehow not as smart as the enlightened ones or the knowledgeable ones. So going to the dogmatic universities and believing some textbook created and written by man makes one more intelligent than one who does not?

I may offend you now: You, sir, have bought a lie about living three times as long now. Tell that to the hundreds of kids that are dying in the children’s hospitals — and, by the way, the last time I walked through an old abandoned cemetery in Fort Steele or Barkerville, the people were still dying at the ripe old age of 80. So by today’s standards we should be living till 240 years of age, if my Grade 12 math is still useful. Do some research and you’ll see that some scientist claim that we lived longer in the Biblical era you speak of. People were used as cannon fodder and ritualistic sacrifices, even up to the Second World War, and as a result skew that fantastic statistic you quoted.

Living longer is not the point and neither is the science behind it. It’s fair and equal treatment of people in the “Christian Valley” or as far away Iraq. Black, white, yellow or red, we are all beautifully made and throwing money to projects that don’t matter was and is the intent of my letter (“Wisdom from God more important than scientific knowledge”).

If one is not for more equal rights then I sure am glad I believe in God, because hell is right here on earth, don’t you agree?

Bill Dyck