In honour of Wynndel volunteer

Web Lead

To the Editor:

The Creston Valley is blessed with good people. Wherever you look there are volunteers at work to create a better community, and, thereby, a better world. Some are well-known and others are unsung heroes quietly serving their communities or helping neighbours and others. So it was with great sadness that I was informed of the passing of a longtime friend and great example of a man who helped to make Wynndel a better community.

Al Spinks has shown us by deed how to create a better world. In my 32 years in Wynndel, I have worked with many, but nobody with the skills and dedication of Al Spink. It was a pleasure to work with Al on many projects in and around our hall and onetime swimming pool. Anywhere you look in and out of Wynndel’s memorial hall, Al left his mark; he made it the best hall in the Creston Valley. If you want a job done, ask a busy person — so it was with Al.

I have never worked with anybody who had so many talents, and I learned a lot from Al. together with his wife, Joyce, they created a first-class kitchen, and by catering to many functions, they helped raise the funds needed to do all these projects. They also started and organized the coffee house, the monthly music and entertainment evening that has been going on for many years now.

Rest in peace, Al. You have earned it. Hopefully, many young people will have learned from your example of love and dedication to community.

Henry Dahle