Faith in humanity grows stronger

Web Lead

To the Editor:

I have always believed in sharing happy stories with as many people as possible. Here’s one for the books!

Our daughter, Laura, and her husband, Bruce, are touring around Europe right now on a three-month holiday, leasing a car and planning one day at a time — no itinerary!

So when a phone call came the other day from “Hank in Belgium”, my solar plexus did a flip. However, he followed up his introduction with, “Do you know Laura Rea? I’ve found her purse with credit cards, passport, money, everything. Where is she staying?” I told him I didn’t know where they were, but gave her cell number, even though I knew their cell was used only in emergencies. I asked him to call back (he was on the Internet) in 10 minutes or so and I’d have her email address for him.

I called our daughter Anne in Calgary for the email address, and passed it on to Hank when he phoned back. His concern was that he had to leave the area the next morning, and would call me later if they had not connected.

A couple of hours later, Anne phoned back to say that her daughter had texted Laura and told her to check her messages — now! Within a few minutes, the text was answered with, “Yahoo! We’re on our way to meet Hank!”

Not only had modern technology proven its worth, but our faith in humanity has sure gone up a few notches. How many times do we hear of a total stranger in a foreign country taking the time aad caring enough to telephone a next of kin listed in a lost purse? Truly, that’s something to share with everyone!

Mary Underhill