Facebook now needed for commenting at crestonvalleyadvance.ca

Web Lead

Since crestonvalleyadvance.ca went online, some readers have raised concerns about one issue in particular: the fact we allow visitors to post anonymous comments.

The policy has led to some unpleasant and mean-spirited postings, and raised an inconsistency in our brand — Black Press community newspapers don’t print anonymous letters, yet have allowed their websites to become places where people can hide their identity while occasionally taking shots at one another.

Starting Dec. 1, that policy will change. People will only be able to comment by using their Facebook account, which means their name, often even their photograph, will be linked to the statements they post.

The Advance is not alone in making this shift. Several media companies are turning to Facebook to power their website commenting. All of Black Press in B.C., Alberta and Washington State have made the switch. Other publications have continued to see spirited discourse among those who post comments, yet the discourse is at a much higher level, and commentators are generally well-mannered and on-topic.

“We realize that people without Facebook accounts won’t be able to participate in online discussions,” said Advance editor Brian Lawrence. “But we still encourge reders to voice their opinions through letters to the editor.”

So please continue to be a part of the discussion. Your comments are part of an important dialogue that enlivens and enriches civic life in our communities.

For more information, visit www.bclocalnews.com/commentfaq.