Environmental issues need discussion before elction

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Something is missing. Where is the discussion of national issues in this election?

From a world view, Canada’s reputation regarding biodiversity and environmental stewardship has plummeted. It’s time to pull our heads out of the tarsands and talk about the dinosaur in the living room — after all, everyone else is. The European Union and the Obama administration describe the production of oil from the oilsands as having “too high a carbon footprint.” The degradation of the land, the changes of flow to the Athabasca River, the loss of migrating bird habitat, the contamination of fish in Lake Athabasca, and the oddball cancers documented by the native communities downstream scream for attention.

Despite the enormous changes to the landscape of northern Alberta already, oilsand development is in its infancy. This is not a trade issue, as our prime minister is painting it. The oilsands are part of Canada’s national energy policy and our environment policy. These are issues our leaders need to talk about during an election. Don’t they?

Tanna Patterson