Current gov’t not good enough

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To the Editor:

I’d like to congratulate Gordon Campbell on his gold watch retirement package from Stephen Harper as ambassador to Britain. He deserves a reward for the job they did on the sale of BC Gas, letting the American banks take printed money they stole from the taxpayers to steal our natural gas industry, bailout money that was supposed to help the people, then allowing BP to come to our watersheds with big dreams of liquefied natural gas. Where were you on that one, Michelle?

This world is so crazy. I don’t even know what to think. Gordy, don’t forget your $150,000 as my boot sends you across the Atlantic.

Christy Clark and her campaign promises — $500 million or something stupid for her crack pipe and nuclear weapons factory in Kitimat. Great idea. Where are you gonna get the money for that one? Double the amount of foreign exchange students? Educate the youth of the world, but not the ones here? What else is new? Where are we gonna have that election? Maybe it’s time for true democracy.

Tyson Soroke