Creston Valley doesn’t need to change time

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Council Comment: Creston Valley should consider adopting daylight time” by Coun. Judy Gadicke)

Coun. Judy Gadicke must have nothing to do to bring up the time again. I can see why the regional directors have not responded; it is not an issue worth wasting time and money over. There are so many issues that should take precedence, for instance the numerous noxious weeds on many properties and ditches in town — which are devastating to agriculture — the conditions of Erickson Street, Highway 3 east of town and Highway 21 (all winter and summer), policing and more.

You state improved health, which is very debatable as there are studies showing that losing an hour of sleep is very harmful to humans. Regarding the hospital, if these companies wish to do business with the district, then their equipment should be able to handle the job, at no extra charge. If not, why do we deal with them?

Lastly, appointments and electronic devices — really? Cranbrook is not the only place people go for appointments. If you are worrying about citizens’ VCRs then we need to spend the money you are wasting on this and direct it toward doing a study on all town salaries and wages, as everyone is making way too much money. How much have we/you spent on this non-issue thus far? Democracy works, just not the way you want it in this case.

Greg Pascut