Creston Gleaners not a shop for businesses

Web Lead

To the Editor:

It is disappointing to both the volunteers at Gleaners and the generous citizens who make donations that quality items are regularly obtained by those in business for the purpose of making a profit. Gleaners’ pricing is intended to make goods available to the less fortunate. Without this opportunity, many simply have to go without items often considered as necessities for normal living conditions.

While the reply to this situation could be, “Their money is as good as anyone’s,” in providing funds for the food bank and other worthy donations, it is obvious to volunteers that advantage is taken by a select few in that buyers are seen shopping several times a day, taking advantage of quality items being delivered throughout the open hours.

It would be appreciated that these individuals consider the impact of their actions. In recognition that more than 100 citizens donate their time and talent in good faith, it would be fitting that said business owners in Creston appreciate and respect the incentive that encourages this successful project in our community.

Please be a customer in the same manner as the majority of shoppers in Creston. Please help us carry out the Gleaners mission to lend a hand where most needed and treat with dignity and caring those individuals in our community who are less fortunate.

Thelma Johnson

Gleaners President