Creston council candidate feels blessed

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Thank you so much to all you wonderful people in Creston, not only to the 514 people that voted for me, almost everyone of whom I can personally call “friend” (who gets that kind of love in their lifetime?), but also so much encouragement from people that were outside of the township of Creston, and who couldn’t vote in town. The phone calls, the Facebook comments and messages and the emails have overwhelmed me with love, support and inspiration. I feel so blessed.

To know from some of the comments I received that I have inspired people to fight for what they believe in, and that my efforts and energy have had a positive impact means a lot has been accomplished.

There are so many people I want to express my gratitude to: those who gave donations to my campaign — you were so generous, those who campaigned for me, the scrutineers — you guys were a lot of fun and sacrificed a lot of time, Prince Charles Secondary School’s AVID class and especially the young women from AVID that scrutinized the people that organized the forums and the Facebook forum and the past, (as in retired), and present political powerhouses — you were so supportive and gave great advice.

And I am especially grateful to retiring councilor Len Folkman! Not only did you stay up to the wee hours of the next morning to scrutinize the count for me, your support and advice throughout the entire campaign was overwhelming. Len, you truly are one of my heroes.

Rhonda Barter