Coverage of Blossom Festival was lacking

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Disappointed is the only word that can describe Lorne Eckersley’s coverage of the Creston Valley Blossom Festival in general, and specifically the 70-plus ladies pageant (

While the photo on the front page was cute, it hardly told the full story of the event. Nor did it even name the three finalists! A simple phone call to the organizers could have solved this problem (news writing 101) and all three ladies and their supporting organizations would have thought well of the Advance.

Allow me to fill in the gaps for your readers. While the pageant queen was Dollie Kaetler, there were also two princesses, Thelma Johnson (who is 91, by the way) and Elva Holmes. The presenter of the tiaras and gifts was Laurie Rennick, queen of 1985. She was one of three former queens who judged the pageant.

In all, there were 10 contestants, aged 70 to 91, and all were so beautiful and talented that it was almost an impossible task to pick winners. Each was sponsored by a community group, which received equal prize money to the three winners.

This information could have been inserted in place of the mention of MLA Michelle Mungall’s attendance, as she contributed nothing to the event.

Most crucially missing in the story was the fact that the event was sponsored generously by the Creston and District Credit Union, whose logo was obviously displayed on the podium, for all to see, including the press. In addition, this information was provided, weeks in advance, to the editor of the Advance.

Since the Blossom Festival survives on community donations, it is one of our priorities to give good exposure to our major donors, such as the Credit Union. We feel a correction notice should be run in the Advance to rectify this omission.

The Go-Go Grannies organized the event, and did an exceptional job, in spite of the shortcomings of the community complex kitchen.

Our sincere thanks to all the wonderful women who participated, and our apologies to you and your sponsors for the lack of coverage.

Signe Miller

Blossom Festival Committee