Compact fluorescent lights don’t work well

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Further to my last letter on the subject of spiral-shaped fluorescent tube lights, I have heard since of complaints from the public across Canada. Some of the complaints are:

•If this light is used outside and is exposed to freezing temperatures in use of a yard light or garage, carport or front door entrance light, it takes approximately 15 minutes for the light to come on.

•If this spiral light is switched on and off like a regular household incandescent light bulb, it will burn out many months earlier in comparison to the lifespan of a light bulb.

•In the kitchen, it is difficult to sort out fruit by its colour for ripeness for processing.

•In the living room, to read a book under this light is uncomfortable, as with night table lamps in the bedroom. There is also the factor of being closer to the light’s radiation.

•To do your hobbies, such as artwork, knitting or out in the workshop under this spiral light, there is a distracting experience of perceptive flatness.

Five million households in B.C. using this inferior spiral light could have a dramatic effect on our lifestyle in the long-term. It doesn’t appear that these lights are compatible for household use.

I urge everyone to contact MP David Wilks at 1-800-668-5522 or, or MLA Michelle Mungall at 1-877-388-4498 or and voice your opinon and say no to the spiral fluorescents and yes to LEDs.

For the federal government to force this commodity on the Canadian consumer and the provincial government to condone it is not democratic. This is not China or the old U.S.S.R. This is Canada, land of the free, isn’t it?

Michael Bunn