Classrooms well used — for storage

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To the Editor:

When School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake) threatened to close the doors of the Creston Education Centre last year, the issue on the table was whether the building was being used efficiently. The building, formerly known as South Creston Elementary School, is home to many wonderful programs such as Homelinks, SmartStart, early childhood education and assistance for the hearing impaired.

But did you also know that it is used as a storage warehouse for the obsolete computers of SD8? Yes, currently two classrooms are stacked to the roof with old, obsolete computers that the district says are too expensive to move to an appropriate storage facility or to take to an appropriate recycling centre. Of course, I volunteered to back my truck up and empty the place, but I was informed that would be taking jobs away from CUPE staff. Give me a break!

You are worried about cost overruns, yet you do not provide accurate accounting numbers until a year after the fact, refuse volunteer help to clean up your mess and refuse to calculate the cost to the facility of housing your garbage? The next time you threaten the existence of an incredible facility such as the Creston Education Centre, try not to be as shady as the government you insist is responsible for the cutbacks.

Tyson Soroke