Celebrations bring praise to God

Web Lead

To the Editor:

I would like to compliment Vladimir Certik for sharing his understanding of Christmas trees and celebrations (“Thoughts on Sabbath”, page 7, Jan. 27 Advance).

“Installing the un-biblical Christmas tree and blasting those who expose it is not in the spirit of love,” he wrote. Sorry if you misinterpreted my letter (“Christmas is a time for celebration”, page 7, Dec. 23 Advance). To state a different opinion is not blasting anyone. My letter was sent in the love of Jesus, whom I honour and think is worthy of a celebration.

Vladimir wrote, “Christmas started as a pagan holiday.” No so. Christmas replaced the celebration of the wicked idol, Tammuz and solstice worshipping. Praise God. What a fantastic mission outreach. Only God could make that change and establish Christmas for those pagans. There is nothing wrong with celebration at any day of the year, but ask, “Who am I honouring?” and “Is God glorified?”

Jehovah God, the celebration inventor, installed many celebrations — Passover (Exodus 12:48), the feast of trumpets (Leviticus 23:23, 33) and the feast of tabernacles, which lasted seven days. Also, Jesus believed in celebration. (Luke 15:23)

Christmas minus Santa Claus and the commercial aspect is, as the other celebrations, holy unto God. A celebration with lots of lights and decorations in good taste are the greatest way of celebrating the light from above coming to Earth, Jesus Christ. Jesus took the punishment for our sins and saved us from ending up in hell. If we have a thankful heart and love him, we will celebrate him. What a great reason to have a big celebration by inviting our unbelieving friends and family to join us once a year!

Jeremiah 17:2 was mentioned as a proof against using Christmas trees. There is definitely no connection. God saw the Hebrews worshipping their idols on altars and also worshipping the Asherah poles. To make the warning real, God gave the location to the prophet, “besides the spreading trees and on the high hills.” You are believing that 2,600 years ago idol worship in the shade of some trees cursed our innocent Christmas tree, which does not even grow there? If it was cursed, Christ died also for the curses that were against us. Let us not minimize Christ’s full redemption. (Galatians 3:13)

If I bought a property that had a Buddha under a tree, with the Buddha removed I would praise God for the beauty of the tree and worship him by the tree as well as any other place. Let us not limit Christ’s full redemption by listening to Satan and his demons telling us where, when and how to worship.

Exodus 28 and all the Bible is clear: God created things to use, behold and enjoy with the warning not to worship the creation. I have in my long life never experienced anyone buying a Christmas tree to worship. Let us all agree to let everyone worship God to their best understanding and sincerely I pray, “God bless everyone.”

Irene Jorgensen