Canadian way should be peaceful, says Yahk resident

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To the Editor:

Liberating a Dutch hospital during the Second World War is my 90-year-old uncle’s pride. “Peace!” the Dutch shouted. Freedom from oppression at last!

Canada’s economy perpetuates the business of war for profit. Our Canada Pension Plan invests $675 million into the top international weapons manufacturers and trade. Cluster bomb components, depleted uranium bullets, tanks, $1 billion invested in armed drones and the infamous stealth fighter jets are profitable investments.

The consequences of war trauma are deprived acts of cruelty, suicide and mass insanity for generations. Hearts and minds are broken during the escalating horror for profit.

The power of greed is more addictive than heroine or cocaine — they who are the richest in our culture are deemed to be most successful and honoured.

Global climate change is an unacknowledged major consequence of fossil fuel wars, and wars require fossil fuels to power their profitable wars for fossil fuels!

Canadians have a choice to embrace the goodness of life by rejecting wars’ tragic profits by subsidizing alternative energy and local sustainable employment, or we can continue to fund the dead-end evil of war and its profiteers through our hijacked pensions, taxes and elections.

For all of the earnest cadets selling poppies in remembrance of peace — may you be trained as global climate change emergency response teams, rather than be utilized as soldiers in the unethical no-win fossil fuel wars.

Susan Eyre