BC Liberals are ‘desperate and evil’

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Since Christy Clark stepped into the provincial premier’s shoes and leadership of the Liberals, she has taken on the task of selling the HST with a vengeance.

Her tactics include misleading statements, proclaiming the negative results should we vote against it. Like the former premier, she, too, doesn’t really know the meaning of the word “democracy”, resulting in no respect for it.

She has all the former henchmen of the Liberal cabinet and Elections BC in her back pocket to help confuse the one in every five people who are illiterate and handicapped with dyslexia by arranging the wording on the ballot and TV ads stating, “No — going back to the PST and GST.” Very clever.

But, unfortunately, it shows how desperate and evil the Liberals are, not to mention how irresponsible they were in taking on the Olympic Games project, then boasted of its legend and how we were all going to benefit. We all gave up long ago for that to happen. Now they say the HST will create jobs. Yeah, right.

The bottom line is: The Liberal government has spent its way into such a financial hole that we may never be able to get out of it. I suggest that the Liberal cabinet take a trip down to Australia (at its own expense) and learn what the Australian government has accomplished over the years from the profits of their lotteries alone. They would be astounded.

On second thought, all the B.C. provincial parties should to Down Under, take the word “learn” with them and leave the “cocktail” at home.

Michael Bunn