Vehicle narrowly misses campsite off Highway 3 east of Creston

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  • Tue Aug 21st, 2012 12:00pm
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Disaster was narrowly averted on Sunday evening when a vehicle went over the bank on Highway 3 and into a campsite near Canyon-Lister Road.

“Fortunately, the campers weren’t in their tent,” Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday. “They were sitting around the campfire.”

The male driver and a female occupant in the vehicle both were taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The driver told police he was tired and simply failed to negotiate the tight curve above the campsite.

Police Beat

Creston RCMP responded to 106 calls for service from Aug. 13-19, Gollan said.

August 13

•A 26-year-old female was charged after police investigated a complaint of uttering threats over a cellphone.

•When police investigated a 911 emergency call made from a resort near Moyie Lake, they were told that a group of youths had been seen playing with a pay phone nearby. The youths were not identified.

•A white trailer marked Skimmerhorn Renovations (in green) and tools were stolen from a 48th Avenue residence. Anyone with knowledge of the theft is asked to contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

•A complaint about harassing behavior was made by a Dogwood Street resident.

•A collision occurred on Northwest Boulevard when a white pickup truck cut off a vehicle in an intersection. No injuries were reported.

•A thief didn’t need to roll up the rim to win when he spotted a truck with General Grabber tires and polished aluminum rims parked on Hawkins Creek Forest Service Road near Yahk. The owner returned to find the rims and tires, including the spare, missing from his truck.

•Police mediated a heated argument between a male and female on Vancouver Street.

•A complaint about threats made by email was made from Erickson Road.

•A diesel truck towing a boat was reported to be passing unsafely on Canyon Street.

•A police patrol pulled up to a vehicle on Haskins Road just as the four male occupants, ages 21 to 37, were about to light up their joints. About six grams of marijuana was seized.

•Police attended a Dogwood Street residence to keep the peace while one of the occupants moved out.

•After a driver on Canyon Street nearly hit another vehicle head-on, he was issued a ticket for driving without due consideration.

•A 20-year-old visitor from Sherbrooke, Que., was injured when he fell while attempting to jump onto a moving train near Canyon Street.

•A female faces charges following a domestic assault on Ninth Avenue North.

•A 12th Avenue North resident reported receiving unwanted emails.

August 14

•Police are investigating a complaint that a driver who was filling his vehicle at a Highway 3/95 service station refused to pay and drove off after the pump indicated he had put 69 litres of gas into what is supposed to be a 60-litre tank.

•A well-being check on a Lower Wynndel Road resident revealed the female was okay.

•No injuries resulted in a minor rear-ender on Highway 3.

•A male found sleeping on a bench on 11th Avenue North reported he was just waiting for his appointment at the nearby employment agency.

•A complaint was received about vagrants near the library. Travelling fruit pickers typically congregate near the library to get free Wi-Fi for their computers or cellphones.

•An intoxicated male was arrested and held overnight in police cells after causing a disturbance in a 33rd Avenue orchard.

August 15

•An untraceable 911 call made from a cellphone was one of a half-dozen such occurrences this week.

•Ammunition was brought in for destruction from an Okell Road residence.

•A cherry-throwing battle between pickers was broken up at a Highway 3 orchard.

•RCMP Const. Littlejohn led a short TSN-Kraft parade through Northwest Boulevard and Canyon Street.

•An orchardist on 32nd Avenue was warned that his tractor needs lights if he drives on roads in use.

•A street address sign on 25th Avenue South was knocked over by an unknown vehicle.

•A small amount of what is believed to be cocaine was found at a Highway 3 service station lot, apparently having fallen out of its owner’s pocket as he got out of a vehicle.

“If the owner would like to claim the package at the police station, we would be more than happy to talk to you,” Gollan said.

•An ongoing problem about loud parties on Seventh Avenue North was referred to the Town of Creston bylaw department.

•An elderly female on Fox Tree Hill was helped to relocate to a motel when she discovered bats in her residence.

•An intoxicated male on 16th Avenue South was taken into custody and held until sober.

August 16

•A Highway 3 resident reported losing a wallet somewhere between Vancouver and Creston.

•A found wallet was returned to a grateful fruit picker.

•When patrolling police spotted a vehicle running a red light on Northwest Boulevard, they stopped the driver and found he had been drinking. He failed a roadside screening test and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

August 17

•Patrols were stepped up in the area after reports of excessive speeding on 20th Avenue South.

•A driver reported to be tailgating another vehicle on Goat River Road apologized for his behavior.

•A handicapped person who was found inside a locked vehicle on Cory Road was rescued by police, who broke a window to get him out of the hot vehicle. He was given first aid on the scene and pronounced to be OK.

•A motorcyclist who attempted to take a Highway 3A curve too fast lost control of his vehicle and was taken to hospital in Creston for treatment of minor injuries.

•Police were unable to locate an erratic motorcycle reported on West Creston Road.

•A female driver was issued a verbal warning, though she denied driving erratically on Clement Avenue.

•Police are investigating a dispute between neighbours on McDonald Street.

August 18

•A female who complained about a child custody situation was found to be intoxicated and was transported to her residence.

•A migrant worker was found to be intoxicated at the Creston and District Community Complex and was given a ride back to his campsite.

•Police are investigating a complaint that a stucco surface of a residence on Highway 3A was damaged.

•A male on 38th Avenue complained about receiving unwanted text messages from an ex-girlfriend. He was advised to turn off his phone.

•Police agreed with a complainant on 11th Avenue South that the smell of burnt rubber was in the air, but they could not locate a source.

August 19

•A wallet, apparently belonging to a seven-year-old named Trent Utah, was found and turned into the police station. It can be claimed by the owner.

•RCMP members say they are very grateful to the local residents who came to their aid when they were confronted by a group of intoxicated and aggressive males at the community complex. Two of the males were arrested for being drunk in public and were held overnight in police cells.

•A business’s window was smashed in the 1000 block of Canyon Street.

•Police prevented a planned fight between two males, ages 16 and 18, on 16th Avenue South.

•When police responded to a report of a dog in distress in a hot vehicle in a Cook Street parking lot, they found the dog was being tended to by the owner, who received a warning about the care of animals.

•A vehicle blocking a driveway on 19th Avenue South was towed.

•An intoxicated female was reported to be sending unwanted text messages to a 38th Avenue resident.

•A foster child on Eighth Avenue South was reported to the appropriate provincial agency as a chronic runaway.