Town of Creston using radar to gather traffic data

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  • Thu Sep 29th, 2011 9:00am
  • News

Two radar speed boards are now being used by the Town of Creston to collect speed and traffic volume information, the town engineering manager Colin Farynowski said last week.

One sign is located on 19th Avenue North and Pine Street, collecting speed and traffic volumes heading towards the Creston and District Community Complex. The second sign is located on Canyon Street and 20th Avenue, picking up traffic on Highway 3 coming into Creston. The signs can easily be relocated as needed.

“Both signs were initially installed with the display boards in ‘stealth mode’, Farynowski said.

In that mode, the signs simply collect baseline traffic data that can be compared to information gathered when the signs are in “display mode”, a switch that was made on the weekend.

“This comparison will help us estimate the effectiveness of the sign and provides an indication of speed prior to traffic being influenced by the traffic calming effects of the speed display sign,” he said. “By utilizing the collected traffic data we can determine and plan for future traffic calming measures necessary at critical locations or coordinate with the RCMP for speed enforcement.”

While town staff have compiled a list of priority locations where the signs will be moved to — on approximately two-week rotations — public input is invited.

Public requests can be made by filling out a public works request/concern form, which is found in the quick links section of The form can also be obtained at  Creston Town Hall.