Tight schedule for Creston and Crawford Bay Rick Hansen medal bearers

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  • Sat Apr 14th, 2012 7:00pm
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The Rick Hansen Medal will be carried by 13 Crestonites

Creston Valley medal bearers will start relaying with the Rick Hansen Medal at the welcome sign at Creston’s east end at 1 p.m. on April 18, the relay’s 239th day.

A local “contingency bearer” may start the Creston portion at that point, or the medal may continue to be carried by the Rick Hansen Relay’s endurance athlete, Joey Desjardins.

At 1:04 p.m., Alex Nilsson will leave the highway sign just east of the corner of Canyon Street and 20 Avenue North and run until 1:07, when he passes the medal to Todd Francoeur at the corner of 20th Avenue and Pine Street.

Francoeur will carry the medal to the corner of 20th Avenue and Hillside Street, where he will hand it off to Rhonda Oswald, who will carry it from 1:10-1:13, when she hands it to Lisa Primrose at 1750 Hillside St.

Primrose will, at 1:16, pass the medal to Ross Beddoes, who will turn south on 16th Avenue and head for Creston Valley Hospital, where he will pass the medal to his wife, Joanne, at 1:19. She will, in turn, head for the Greyhoud depot to meet up with Tori Eden at 1:22.

Eden will carry the medal to the intersection of Canyon Street and 19th Avenue, where the day’s final medal bearer, Harry Haberstock will carry the model to the Creston and District Community Complex for the end-f-day celebration.

On the morning of April 19, the 240th day’s first medal bearer, Morgan Fleck, will leave from Prince Charles Secondary School at 9:50 a.m., heading along Dogwood Street, and pass the medal to Samantha Cassel at 16th Avenue at 9:53. At the intersection of 16th Avenue and Cook Street, Cassel will hand the medal to Phil Thomas at 9:56, and he will turn west onto Canyon Street.

As the relay crosses 14th Avenue at 9:59, Thomas will hand the medal to Kaitlyn Zolynsky. When she reaches Mane and Nails at 10:02, Zolynsky will hand the medal to Megan Emary at 10:02.

Emary will carry the medal up 10th Avenue to Creston Town Hall, where she will pass it to the endurance bearer, who will carry it out of town and up to Crawford Bay.

The Crawford Bay portion will start with medal bearer Jessica Rideout in front of the Nelson and District Credit Union’s East Shore Branch at 11:15 a.m. Leona Keraiff will take the medal from her at 11:19 in front of New Key’s Place and carry it to North Woven Broom, where Glen Kinder will receive it at 11:22.

From there, the relay heads uphill along Highway 3A, and Kinder will carry the medal to Wadds Road, and then hand it off to Terry Turner at 11:25. Turner will head to Walkley Road, and then pass the medal to Ries Fowler, who will take it to Crawford Bay Elementary Secondary School. After a 15-minute visit at the school, the endurance bearer will carry the medal to the Kootenay Lake ferry and out of the Creston Valley.