Thefts from vehicles keep Creston RCMP busy

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  • Mon Jul 18th, 2011 6:00pm
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Creston RCMP responded to 98 calls from July 4-10 in another week dominated by thefts from vehicles, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

July 4

•A fire alarm on Cook Street happened because a person was smoking in an apartment.

•A crossbow was stolen from an unlocked 21st Avenue South residence.

•A GPS was stolen when thieves entered two unlocked vehicles on Dugan Street.

•A 16th Avenue South resident who reported a jewelry theft from her home called a short time after to inform police she had merely misplaced the items.

July 5

•Police were examining damage to two vehicles and the RCMP station caused by a vehicle that went off 16th Avenue when a call came from the telephone at the front of the building — the owner of the offending vehicle was phoning to report his car had been stolen. No driver was at the scene when police arrived shortly after the accident occurred.

•Cash was stolen during a break-in to a vehicle on Beam Road.

•An Evans Road renter reported to police that the landlord had changed keys to the door locks. Police checked with the owner, who pointed out he had left the door unlocked so the renters could get in to remove their belongings.

•A bicyclist sustained minor injuries when he was struck by a vehicle on 33rd Avenue North. The bike was destroyed and the car driver was charged with failing to yield the right of way.

•A 63-year-old male faces shoplifting charges after taking $37 worth of goods from a Cook Street business.

July 6

•Two males fled the scene after they ran a stolen car off Highway 3 in Erickson. The car was damaged extensively.

•A bear was killed when it collided with a vehicle on Highway 3 near Bayonne Creek. The truck sustained about $3,000 in damage.

•Pet owners at a 16th Avenue residence were spoken to after police received a report that a kitten had been thrown.

July 7

•Two male youths were caught following a theft of a drill and other items from a vehicle on 16th Avenue North. They face charges for some similar crimes, as well.

•A complaint was received about a heavily breathing caller to an Ash Street residence.

•Loose change was stolen from a car at a Highway 3 residence.

•No theft took place when a vehicle on Vancouver Street was entered.

•A purse was stolen from a vehicle in a Cook Street parking lot.

July 8

•An alarm apparently scared off would-be intruders who broke a window in the 1100 block of Northwest Boulevard.

•The iPhone of a Murdoch Street resident was lost sometime this month.

•A driver reported to have passed another vehicle on a double solid line near Yahk was given a verbal warning.

•An intoxicated youth who passed out on Fifth Avenue South was taken to hospital for examination, then held in police cells overnight.

July 9

•A silver van loaded with youths was reported to be driving erratically on Helen Street but police could not locate the vehicle.

•A 38th Street resident reported that checks stolen from the home by a female are being used fraudulently in Alberta.

•Police were notified that a suspicious phone caller identifying himself as a video rental shop employee was attempting to get personal information. The business does not request such information over the telephone.

•No injuries resulted when a vehicle collided with a motorcyclist on Highway 3A.

July 10

•Police were unable to locate the 10-12 horses reported loose on Highway 3 near West Creston Road.

•A driver who ran his truck into the ditch on Kootenay River Road faces charges of driving while under suspension.

•Police are investigating a report of an assault at a Highway 3 service station.