Roommate peace bond, wandering child, door slamming competition keep RCMP busy

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  • Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 10:00am
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Creston RCMP responded to 94 calls for service from September 12-18, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday.

September 12

•Police received a complaint from Kingsgate, where a tenant wants to have his roommate post a peace bond.

•A car backed into another vehicle at the Kingsgate border crossing.

•A resident turned in some ammunition for police to destroy.

•Minor damage was reported following a collision in a Cook Street parking lot.

•Police were called to assist paramedics with an intoxicated female patient on Simon Road.

•A complaint was made about an Erickson resident’s treatment of his dogs.

•Police attended the hospital emergency room to help with an aggressive female.

September 13

•No charges are being pursued after police investigated a domestic dispute.

•RCMP officers were called to assist Kingsgate border personnel with three people detained for immigration issues.

•A sexual assault that occurred last month was reported by a Highway 21 resident.

•Crawford Bay school reported an issue with a student for information.

•A suspicious vehicle reported in West Creston was found to have broken down.

September 14

•A mother-daughter incident on Cook Street required police intervention.

•A Canyon Street resident reported two males were eying a property, possibly with intent to commit a robbery.

September 15

•A noise complaint about loud music was received from North Goat River Road.

•A small marijuana grow op on Mallory Road was dismantled.

•Male youths were reported to be pointing a firearm in the Bountiful area.

•An 11th Avenue South resident reported the theft of a wallet containing debit and credit cards.

•A three-year-old boy wandered from his Northwest Boulevard when he followed his dog. He was found unharmed.

•When police investigated a reported assault on the Kootenay Lake ferry they heard different stories from each party.

•A Lower Wynndel Road resident reported a vehicle that constantly speeds on the road.

•Police attended to a fight in progress on Northwest Boulevard, where two brothers were embroiled in a dispute. Neither co-operated with the officers.

•A driver reported nearly being forced off the road by an erratic vehicle at Hanson and Reclamation Roads.

•An 11th Avenue South resident reported the theft of a computer. Hammond recommends computer owners keep a record of details like serial numbers for electronic equipment to help with investigations.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 east of Creston.

•Two Scott Street neighbours got into a door slamming competition that grew out of an argument.

•A motorcyclist who collided with a deer on Highway 3 near Irishman Creek Bridge was taken to hospital with injuries.

•Loud music caused a complaint from North Goat River Road.

September 16

•A wallet containing identification cards and cash was found and then returned to the owner.

•An older intoxicated male passed out on Canyon Street and was taken to police cells to spend the night.

•An accused person denied making threats on Canyon Street.

•A male reported to be stalking a female on Helen Street was warned.

•A speeding vehicle nearly caused a head-on crash in Kitchener.

•A loud backyard party was reported on Cedar Street.

September 17

•A bylaw ticket was issued at the same party when the noise continued.

•A Mallory Road resident reported seeing an intoxicated male youth running into the bush.

•An intoxicated male who was reported to have passed out near Cook Street and 10th Avenue South was located and held in police cells until sober.

•A business employee on Northwest Boulevard was bitten by a dog in a vehicle when he walked through the parking lot.

•A motorcycle was hit by an elderly driver on Northwest Boulevard.

•Police were called to a domestic argument on Cedar Street at 8th Avenue South.

•Fingerprints are being checked after an attempted theft of a car at a Pine Street residence.

•A male who was high on drugs was reported to be banging on doors on 25th Avenue South.

•Multiple gunshot sounds were reported in Kitchener but police did not find the source.

•An Erickson resident reported a break and entry during which an antique silver cream and sugar and tray set was stolen. Estimated value is $500.

•A vehicle collided with a bear on Highway 95 at Majestic Road.

September 18

•Police cleared a plugged storm drain that was causing Northwest Boulevard to flood at Valleyview Road during the rainstorm.

•Youths identified as thieves who stole a vehicle on 37th Street will be dealt with through the Restorative Justice program.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 21 at Porthill Road.

•A requested well-being check on 7th Avenue North revealed that the resident was okay.

•A Jetta driving erratically on Highway 21 at North Goat River Road was not located.

•Harassing phone calls were reported by a Mallory Road resident.

•A vehicle was stolen from a driveway in the 2800 block of Highway 3.

•Police received a complaint that a farm machine was being used in an orchard on Highway 3 at 33rd Avenue.